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WOW!15 Demo websites already on board!

9 more demo websites are to be added till the mid of September

We are almost there! few days ago we released new theme update that includes 15 main demo websited for Themily. These are to cover most popular small business niches that work in local area. Here is the list of currently available niche demo websites:

Free Pool Cleaning Service WordPress theme

Free Painting WordPress theme

Free Carpenter WordPress theme

Free Lawn Mowing WordPress theme

Free Roofing company WordPress theme

Free Plumber WordPress Theme

Free Electrician WordPress Theme

Free Bath and Kitchen Remodeling WordPress Theme

Free Handyman WordPress Theme

Free Constructions Company WordPress theme

Free Gardening and Llandscaping WordPress theme

Free Handmade and Hobby WordPress theme

Free Moving company WordPress theme

Free Organic Farming WordPress Theme

Free House Cleaning Company WordPress theme

Fee free to download and play around with them. We believe you will find this installation video useful, please make sure to watch it through before installing the theme 😉 This may safe your time and answer many questions before you get started.

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